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I wanted to write and give you our first year assessment of the Fujitsu air source heat pump system you installed last summer now that one of the coldest winters I can ever remember in Ct has ended. To summarize you installed a 4-ton Fujitsu heat pump condenser(outside unit), 2 indoor air handlers and 1 distribution box in our home. This system was tied into our existing duct work. The system this replaced for heating was the original hot air oil fired furnace and for cooling was the original Lennox A/C system. 

Let me start off by saying the fabrication work done by Josh on the new system to integrate this into our existing duct work was outstanding. He knows his business and he did everything as if it were his own home.The original furnace and air handler was removed and this alone freed up significant space in our basement. The new indoor air handlers ( one in the basement for main floor living space and one in the attic for second floor bedroom space) are small, sleek and extremely quiet compared to the old system.  One of the first things we have noticed is that the air flow of the new system is quiet, even and steady to the point that most times you do not even realize the system is working. We have noticed that the heated air is not as dry as with the oil fired furnace system and the temperatures maintained in the house are much more consistent over the course of the day/night. We have found this improved our health this winter compared to prior winters. As we have experimented with temperature settings we have found that setting the thermostat on one temperature and leaving it at that setting 24/7 has produced the best results and the most savings in terms of our electric bill vs oil costs.To that point about savings on energy costs vs oil,m  we are seeing about a $250-300 per month savings during the coldest month of January and February. This is consistent with the projections/estimates we discussed with you prior to the system installation. 

Our assessment of heating performance during the months of December - April. This winter was the coldest in a very long time and there were many days this winter in the single digits. I should point out we have no backup heat system so this heat pump was it. Does it work to zero and below? I would say if the outdoor temps are 15 degrees and warmer there is no problem with the system producing enough heat for the house. When the temps get and stay in the single digits the system does work hard at trying to maintain a temperature of 68 and for the most part it can do that but supplementing the system with auxiliary heating coils built right into the air handlers might be a good idea for people that like the house very warm. These can be turned on and off only as needed on the coldest days. 

In summary our feelings are we made the right choice.The system is performing as you said it would and it has gotten us off oil and using a system that is far more energy efficient. We will save the cost of the system in 3-4 years at the current rate,but besides that we have a system that is ultra quiet, super consistent , superior for health reasons, expandable to hang a wall unit off the same outdoor condenser in our basement and virtually maintenance free. 

We look forward to continuing to work with you on our heating and cooling needs.

Fred & Jodi Impastato

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